• Natascha Damirie

Yoga Fundraising from Budokon Hamburg, 27.08.2021

Dear all friends and family,

we would like to thank you for all the donations and blessing wishes. It's mean a lot to us. In behalf of Roslin orphanage and ejercito de salvacion villahermosa we want to take a moment of to thank you for your active participation of you in the primary series workshop by Budokon Hamburg.

We will use the donations fully to re-build our oprhanage in Kupang, NTT in East Indonesia and support the school needs for our orphans in Villahermosa, Mexico

For more information regarding Budokon Yoga in Hamburg check the website:

BUDOKON Hamburg | Winnie Collins | Sibille Quentin | Online & Offline Yoga/Yobility Classes

We send love,

Natasya, Gerardo and Mr. Budi

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