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MEET OUR PARTNER - Support Captain Budi & Panti Asuhan Roslin

Aktualisiert: 28. Nov. 2020

Roslin orphanage was officially opened in 2002 by Budi Soehardi, a retired pilot and his wife Peggy Soehardi. Located at Oelnasi village, Kabupaten Kupang, East Timor, it is now home to 138 children. Most children are here because their mother passed away during childbirth, extreme poverty, or the family has too many children. Some of them are just left at the door.

Our intention is to equip the children with tools for their life in the form of proper education. We treat them as our own children. Other than school, we also taught the children to grow fruits and vegetables, so we can self-sustain our food. From our humble beginning, we now facilitate 138 children, with 11 of them in university. One of our children, Gerson, has graduated from medical school.

By the grace of God, our effort has been recognised by CNN back in 2009:

“At Roslin, we teach every child to live, to laugh and to love.” - Budi Soehardi.

Total fundraising will be delivered to Panti Asuhan Roslin to support the orphanage operational cost and support the education of all children.

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