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I am happy to share my experience with you about how to pursue the purpose of my life: A lifetime campaign to improve the educational access for orphans and children in villages of East Indonesia. I hope this blog will inspire you.


I am Natasya, the founder of School Of Life Indonesia. This project is my life´s purpose to contribute to education in my home country. I moved to Germany at age 19 to study and so to improve my future. I am a petroleum engineer and live in Hamburg, Germany. To me action speaks louder than words! I started to pursue my dream by creating this campaign to make a change and provide education to orphanage and village children in east Indonesia.

The 8 Rules of School of Lifes:

1. Spirit and have a happy habits

2. Stop living based on other people’s OEO (opinions, expectations and obligations)

3. Solidarity

4. Respect and empathy

5. Vulnerable

6. Gratitude and share your gratitude. Gratitude increases your wellbeing

7. Finding and developing truth compatibility and self awareness in relationships.

8. Finding and developing truth compatibility and self awareness in relationships.

A true good school shouldn’t tell us only things we never heard before, it should be deeply interested in rehearsing all at is, theoretically known yet practically forgotten. That’s why we should keep the 8 rules of school of life in mind.

We look back on our childhood: When our parents woke us up early in the morning to prepare for school. School supplies, breakfast - everything was available. Often we arrived at school unmotivated and tired. Who would have thought back then how important this time is to you and how our parents shaped our future. Our future has been influenced by education as a foundation. We can be very grateful. We want to give more Indonesian children this opportunity! Because unfortunately, not every child has the opportunity for a fair and qualitative education. Many Indonesian children have to work hard for the option of education or do not even have the opportunity to attend a school. I have seen myself how countless children in Indonesia do not have their future in their own hands and cannot get an education just because they unfortunately live in unfairly poor conditions. Therefore it is our goal to set up free education access in East Indonesian villages. Schools in which children are taught not only cognitive knowledge, but also life values, such as ethics, respect, love of nature, responsibility - a "School of Life".

You can have unbelievable intelligence, you can have connections, you can have opportunities fall out of the sky. But in the end, hard work is the true, enduring characteristic of successful people. Don’t limit yourself. Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do. You can go as far as your mind lets you. What you believe, remember, you can achieve.

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